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Kathy Vu

Applied Developmental Psychology

I am currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program working in the Culture, Child and Adolescent Development lab under Dr. Charissa Cheah’s guidance. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2014 and 2016, respectively. My overall research focuses on understanding the pathways through which culture influences parenting and children’s health and development in immigrant, refugee, and ethnic minority families. Specifically, my interests include examining the associations between parental socialization, health and cultural factors, and children’s emotion expression and regulation. A fellow ADP graduate student, You Jung Seo, and I are currently working on our practicum experience with Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner at UMMC to educate parents on torticollis, a physical condition in which infants’ and children’s neck muscle is shortened and causes head tilt, and the importance of early treatment for this developmental delay.