Staff Directory and Contact Information


Arianne Burroughs,  Administrative Assistant II

  • Faculty Hiring Searches
  • Page-Up Manager for staff searches
  • Payroll
  • Payroll File Management
  • Travel for Faculty, Students and Staff
  • Travel-related purchasing
  • Guest Parking Permits
  • Inventory
  • Keys
  • Copiers / Printers
    • Supplies
    • Maintenance
  • DCards

Stephanie Totsch, Graduate Program Coordinator/Administrative Assistant II

  • Graduate Admissions
    • Process graduate applications
    • Process ETS documents and transcripts
    • Respond to graduate program inquiries
  • Graduate Program Support
  • Graduate Assistant Support
  • PCARD holder and primary purchaser for the department
    • Office and lab items and equipment
  • Processes department scholarships for supported GA fees
  • Compiles and submits GA Internship travel expenses for reimbursement
  • Backup Payroll Preparer
  • Website Management and Social Media Content Specialist
  • Manage DCARD
  • Issue Parking Permits

Beverly McDougall, Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Event coordinator for:
    • Graduate interview day
    • Graduate student orientation
    • Graduate program events
  • Graduate Program Support
    • Accreditation and reporting support
    • Graduate program blackboard management
    • Graduate student data base management
    • Graduate student paperwork assistance
  • Graduate Assistant Support
    • A. / G.A. / R.A. Contracts
    • Health Insurance
    • Graduate student travel support
    • Graduate student tuition remission / health benefit questions
  • Maintain student files and databases
  • Collect TA evaluations
  • Gather annual Student Evaluations
  • Room Scheduling for department controlled rooms (back up)
  • Room Scheduling for Graduate student proposals and defenses.
  • Paycheck pick-up and distribution.
  • Website Management
  • P&T Support Backup
  • Place AIM Requests

Elaine O’Heir, Department Coordinator

  • Annual Giving Campaign Coordinator
  • AV Technology in Classrooms
  • Course Scheduling
  • Course Syllabi (Collection and Archiving)
  • Department Faculty and Staff Blackboard Management
  • DoIT problems with computer software
  • Events Coordinator for:
    • Distinguished Lecture
    • Eminent Scholar-Mentor Visits
    • Faculty Retreat
    • Undergrad Program Events
  • Facilities Management
    • Oversight of lab cleaning and maintenance
    • Problems with classrooms
    • Lab renovation management
  • Faculty Meeting Support
    • Minutes
    • Materials
  • Grade change forms
  • Part-Time Faculty Support
  • Promotion & Tenure
  • Room Scheduling for department controlled rooms
  • Student Learning Outcome / Assessment Support
  • Undergraduate Program Support
  • Web Site Update Coordinator
  • Member of the Classroom Committee

Amy Schneider, Business Manager

  • Budget Management
  • CRI (Computer Replacement Initiative)
  • Grant Accounting and Compliance
  • Grant Preparation and Submission
  • Oversight of Department Business and Business Processes
    • Grants
    • Payroll
    • Purchasing
    • Travel
    • Other Business-Related Activities
  • Part-time Faculty Contracts
  • Supervise student staff
  • Manage department and program listservs
  • Annual Surveys (GGS, APA, APA ARO, Peterson, etc)
  • Payroll Review
  • Position Management
  • Purchasing Requests
    • Office and lab furniture
  • Time-Sheet Review (faculty)

Debbie Paul, Academic Advisor for student with the last names starting A-L

Jenae Wilson, Academic Advisor for student with the last names starting M-Z

  • Appeals for Student Readmits
  • ARTSYS updates (course articulation data base)
  • Community College Liaison
  • Excess Credit Waiver Requests
  • FYI (First Year Intervention)
  • Graduation Clearance Reviews (incl. concentration & certificate clearance reviews)
  • Student Academic Progress Appeals (SAP appeals)
  • Student Probation/Suspension Cases
  • Transfer Course Evaluations (incl. course articulations; study abroad courses)
  • Undergraduate Blackboard Management (including communication blasts to majors)
  • Undergraduate Catalog Edits and Revisions
  • Updates all program/concentration checklists
  • Updates faculty research interest poster
  • Back-up for pay-check pick-up and distribution.


Anne Brodsky, Chair

  • General Oversight of Department Administration, incl:
    • Academic program reviews
    • Budget allocations
    • Course scheduling
    • Curriculum management
    • Faculty annual reviews
    • Faculty mentoring
    • Faculty workload
    • Hiring
    • Merit
    • Payroll
    • Part-time faculty hiring
    • Promotion and Tenure
    • Space and facilities
    • Strategic planning
    • Student complaints and concerns
    • Student recruitment

Steven Pitts, Associate Chair Assistance and support with department administration

  • Chair, Psychology Department Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Part-time and Adjunct Faculty Committee
  • Distinguished lecture coordination

Diane Alonso, Psychology Program Director at Shady Grove

  • Academic Program Administration (USG)
    • Advising oversight
    • A. assignments
    • Student complaints and concerns
    • Writing fellows
  • Course Scheduling (USG)
  • Part-time faculty hiring (USG)
  • Faculty mentoring (USG)
  • Program articulation agreements (USG)
  • Student recruitment (USG)

Eileen O’Brien, Director, Undergraduate Program

  • Academic Achievement and Service Awards
  • New Course Proposals
  • Student Appeals for Major Requirements
  • Syllabi review
  • Chair, Teaching Assistants Committee
    • Assignments and schedules
    • Evaluations
    • Performance concerns
  • Undergraduate Program Policies


Applied Behavior Analysis M.A. Track Director

  • John Borrero

Applied Developmental Psychology Program Director

  • Susan Sonnenschein

Human Services Psychology Program Director

  • Steven Pitts

Director of Clinical Training

  • Jason Schiffman

Clinical Director of the Psychology Training, Research and Services Center

  • Rebecca Schacht

Psychology Internship / PSYC 398 Coordinator / Liaison to Career Services 

  • Robert Anderson

PSYC 100 Course Manager

  • Eileen O’Brien

Research Participant Pool Coordinator

  • Steve Pitts

Teaching Fellows Program

  • Eileen O’Brien

Undergraduate Peer Mentors Program

  • Eileen O’Brien

Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program

  • Laura Rose