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Dr. Robert Deluty Publishes his 60th Book! 


Dr. Robert Deluty, associate dean emeritus of the Graduate School, has published his 60th book, “Cherishing the Small and Ordinary“.

In his review, Dr. George Northrup writes, “In Cherishing the Small and Ordinary, his sixtieth collection, Robert Deluty once again charms the reader with his poetic snapshots of ordinary people in ordinary situations ‘caught,’ as Art Linkletter used to say, ‘in the act of being themselves:’ their quirks and peccadilloes across a vast array of contexts, ethnicities, and age groups, embellished with Deluty’s indefatigable wry insights, spectacular puns, ever-inventive wordplay, and cradled in the warmth of his affection for this peculiar species.”

Dr. Richard Berlin, the author of Secret Wounds, says “In Cherishing the Small and Ordinary, Robert Deluty’s sixtieth(!) book, each poem is a little ‘pop’ of empathy, compassion, humor, and love. A psychologist and poet, Deluty is a keen observer of the human condition, transforming the smallest moments into universal truths. And in this volume, his spectacular creative word play is amped up to a breathtaking level. Like all of his work, this book is a pleasure for the heart and mind.”

When UMBC’s physical campus reopens, “Cherishing the Small and Ordinary” (as well as Dr. Deluty’s other books) will be available at the campus bookstore.