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New Core Requirements for the Psychology B.A. Degree

August 29, 2014 4:04 PM
Students Enrolled at UMBC during the Academic year 2014-15 who are seeking the B.A Degree in Psychology have the option to take PSYC 211(The Science & Profession of Psychology) and PSYC 311(Research Methods I) instead of  PSYC 331 and 332 (Experimental Psychology I & II ). PSYC 331 &332 are core requirements that the department is currently in the process of phasing out.

PSYC 311 has prerequisites of PSYC 100(Introduction to Psychology) and one of the following Statistics courses:STAT 121,STAT 350,STAT 351,STAT 355, or STAT 451 .Starting in Fall 2015 PSYC 211 will also be prerequisite for PSYC 311

At this time, the final offering of PSYC 331 is scheduled for Spring 2015 and the final offering of PSYC 332 for Fall 2015
Your Academic advisor can help you determine which set of courses (PSYC 211 & 311; or PSYC 331 & 332) is best suited to your academic strengths & career goals.

Students who begin higher education in Maryland in FALL 2015 or later will be required to take PSYC 211 and PSYC 311 for the Psychology

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