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Dr. Robert Deluty Publishes his 56th Book

Deluty's latest collection of poetry, "Momentary Blessings"

January 2, 2019 1:34 PM

Dr. Robert Deluty, associate dean emeritus of the Graduate School, has published his 56th book, "Momentary Blessings." 

In his review, Dr. Ronald Pies writes, 

"Read individually, Robert Deluty's wonderful short poems go by quickly, and it is easy to miss their deeper resonances, if you rush through them.  But when properly savored, these tiny gems of wit, wisdom, and word-play are themselves (to quote George Eliot) 'golden moments in the stream of life.'  Happily for the reader, their blessings endure far beyond the moment."

"Momentary Blessings," as well as all of Dr. Deluty's other books, are on sale at the campus bookstore.

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