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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

Our Community is Growing! This fall the Department of Psychology is excited to welcome new faculty members

Dr. Lira Yoon – Associate Professor; Affiliation – HSP, Clinical track. Dr. Yoon joins us from Notre Dame. (Expertise: The interplay between cognition and emotion in the context of psychological disorders, especially depression and anxiety disorders

Dr. Karrie Goodwin – Assistant Professor; Affiliation – ADP.  Dr. Goodwin joins us after 3 years as an Assistant Prof at Kent State. (Expertise: Cognitive Development: Attention, Executive Functioning, Categorization, Inductive Reasoning)

Dr. Molly Franz – Assistant Professor; Affiliation – HSP, Clinical track. Dr Franz will join us in January from her postdoc at the National Center for PTSD, VA Boston Healthcare System and BU University Medical School (Expertise:  posttraumatic stress disorder and family functioning)

Dr. Aubrey Etopio – Lecturer; Affiliation – Undergraduate Program, Main Campus. Dr. Etopio joins us as a newly minted Ph.D. from University of Reno. (Expertise: fear of crime, gender and race, bystander intervention, program evaluation, qualitative methods, survey methodology)

Dr. Tomas Yufik – Lecturer; Affiliation – Undergraduate Program, USG.  Dr. Yufik is coming to us from St. Edward’s University in Austin Tx, a nationally ranked Hispanic Serving Institution.  (Expertise: posttraumatic stress disorder and personality assessment)

We will also welcome a new Adjunct Instructor in Prevention (PSYC 636)
Dr. Jennifer Jeffrey-Pearsal, a school psychologist with Shephard Pratt’s Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support program.  She has extensive experience in State Departments of Education, public school systems, and youth-serving agencies