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Congratulations Doctoral Candidates!!!

Applied Developmental Psychology Program

Merve Balkaya Ince, Mentor – Dr. Charissa Cheah

A Multi-Method Approach to Examine Predictors and Outcomes of Muslim American Adolescents’ Social Identities”

Brittany N. Gay, Mentor – Dr. Susan Sonnenschein

Characterizing the Educational Involvement of Families During Fifth Grade: Predictors and Academic Outcomes Associated with Latent Class Membership”

Lisa Shanty, Mentor – Dr. David Schultz

Facilitating Parent-Child Interaction in Home Visiting: Staff Experiences and Supervisory Support”

Jia Shen, Mentor – Dr. Charissa Cheah

“Self-Regulation Among Emerging Adults”


Human Services Psychology Program

Eduardo Alsina, Mentor – Dr. Shari Waldstein

“Epigenetic Clock and Associations with Neurocognition”

Shelter N. Dziya, Mentor – Dr. Kenneth Maton

Child Abuse, Adult Sexual Assault, Sexual Revictimization and Depression among Black Women: The Moderating Effects of Sense of Control and Education Level.”

Samantha Jay, Mentor – Dr. Jason Schiffman

Suicide risk assessment in young adults at clinical high risk for psychosis (CHR); CHR specific risk factors of suicidal thoughts and behavior

 Brianna Jehl, Mentor – Dr. Lynnda Dahlquist

The impacts of experimenter gender on children’s comfort expressing acute pain

Sarah Jung, Mentor – Dr. Shari Waldstein

The impact of racial discrimination and psychological variables on obesity

Christa R. Lewis, Mentors – Dr. Raimi Quiton & Dr. Rebecca Schacht

“Neurocognitive Influences in Pain & PTSD”

Ana Maldonado, Mentors – Dr. Christopher Murphy & Dr. Shari Waldstein

The Impact of Post-traumatic Stress on Glucose Metabolism Trajectories: A Health Disparities Approach