Adithyan Rajaraman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Office:       Math/Psych 304

Phone:      (410) 455-2370

Fax:            N/A

Lab:          Sondheim 411/511A


Ph.D. – Western New England University, 2019

Area of Study:

Behavior Analysis

Research Interests:

Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessment, treatment, and prevention of dangerous problem behavior exhibited by children and adolescents. Refining treatment approaches that minimize risk and maximize applicability.

Courses Taught:

Psychology of Learning (PSYC 210)

Behavior-analytic Research and Practice (PSYC 393)

Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 411)

Measurement in Applied Behavior Analysis: Observation and Assessment (PSYC 616)

Applied Behavior Analysis and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (PSYC 617)

Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Accepting ADP doctoral students for Fall 2021

Note: The Masters track in Applied Behavior Analysis is always accepting students. If you are a prospective student interested in doctoral training through the ADP program, please email Dr. Rajaraman directly.

Undergraduate Research and Training Opportunities:

NO:  No undergraduate opportunities available

Selected Publications:

Rajaraman, A. & Hanley, G. P. (2018). Interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis (IISCA). In: Volkmar, F. (Ed) Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Springer, New York, NY.

Warner, C., Hanley, G. P., Landa, R. K., Ruppel, K. W., Rajaraman, A., Ghaemmaghami, M., . . . Gover, H. C. (2019). Toward accurate inferences of response class membership. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Rajaraman, A., Austin, J. L., Gover, H. C., Cammilleri, A. P., Donnelly, D. R., & Hanley, G. P. (2021) Toward Trauma-informed Applications of Behavior Analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Rajaraman, A., Hanley, G. P., Gover, H. C., Staubitz, J. L., Staubitz., J. E., Simcoe, K., & Metras, R. L. (2021). Minimizing escalation by treating dangerous problem behavior within an Enhanced Choice Model. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Rajaraman, A., Hanley, G. P., Gover, H. C., Landa, R. K., & Ruppel, K. W. (in press). On the reliability and treatment utility of the practical functional assessment process. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Ruppel, K. W., Hanley, G. P., Landa, R. K., & Rajaraman, A. (2021). An evaluation of “Balance”: A home-based, parent-implemented program addressing emerging problem behavior. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 14, 324–341.

Rajaraman, A., & Hanley, G. P. (2021). Mand compliance as a contingency controlling problem behavior: A systematic review. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 54(1), 103-121.

Landa, R. K., Hanley, G. P., Gover, H. C., Rajaraman, A., Ruppel, K., & Ghaemmaghami, M. G. (in press). Understanding the effects of prompting immediately after problem behavior occurs during functional communication training. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Rajaraman, A. How Skinner helped me transition to online instruction amidst a pandemic. Operants.


Adithyan Rajaraman CV 10.26.2021