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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee


The Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee was created in 1990 by the Psychology Department to address issues of ethnic and cultural diversity, especially as they relate to department graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty in the areas of curriculum, recruitment, and retention.

Current Members: 

Danielle Beatty, Lindsay Emery, Julian Farzan-Kashani, Surbhi Godsay, Veronica Hamilton, Bronwyn Hunter, Kenneth Maton (co-chair), Julie Murphy (co-chair), Rebecca Schacht, Jason Schiffman , David Schultz, Rupsha Singh, Kathy Vu.


CoChairs:  Ken Maton (maton at; Julie Murphy (jamurphy at

Fall 2016 Working Groups:


Department Climate/Diversity Survey

Diversity Course Coverage

Graduate Meyerhoff Student Integration

Student Resources

Town Hall/Workshop


Accomplishments Related to Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Climate survey – Assessment of the climate of the Department to examine our areas of strength and relative concerns.
  • Speaker/Training Series – Created an annual series for diversity education and training.
  • Town hall meetings – Large inclusive meeting where community members share their perceptions of the climate of our Department, and ways to improve the climate.