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Dr. Robert Deluty Publishes his 59th Book

Dr. Robert Deluty, associate dean emeritus of the Graduate School, has published his 59th book, “Looking Around.” In his review, Dr. Ronald Pies writes,

In his latest collection of short poems, Robert Deluty quotes the Canadian writer/musician, Charles de Lint, who wrote, ‘It’s all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment, and not expecting a huge payoff.’ Deluty clearly pays attention and–like the Buddha–is ‘awakened’ to what de Lint calls the ‘whispers and small kindnesses’ of the world. Nothing escapes Deluty’s keen and compassionate eye, which sees our world in all its tragic, joyful, and poignant glory. The resulting ‘payoff’ for the reader is indeed huge, as Deluty’s trademark wit, love of language, and deep human sympathy work their magic.”

When UMBC’s physical campus reopens, “Looking Around” (as well as Dr. Deluty’s other books) will be available at the bookstore.