How to register for more than 12 credits?

This pertains to a Graduate School policy in which graduate students need special permission to
register for more than 12 credits*. This is NOT related to issues of funding.

For purposes of The Graduate School policy, it is the total number of credits (not billable credits,
etc.). Unfortunately, GRAD 601 (a 0-credit, 0-cost course) does matter here (it is functionally
treated like 5 credits by the software).

All graduate students, regardless of program or funding need special permission to register for
more than 12 credits. The following reflects the most current (Fall, 2021) process for obtaining
permission to register for more than 12 credits in the semester. Note that The Graduate School
changes this policy so what worked last year differs slightly from what is suggested now.

It is assumed the courses you plan to register for are needed for the degree and in the program in
which you are enrolled (ABA, ADP, and/or HSP). If you intend to take a course that is NOT
listed as a required or elective course in your program manual, please discuss this with your
academic mentor and GPD before attempting to register in the course.

It is also assumed that you have confirmed your intended course load with your academic
mentor in advance (this should have happened a while ago when providing your intended course
plan for the current Academic Year).

Assuming you are planning to register for more than 12 credits, you should follow these steps:
Register for as many of your courses as you can (this will necessarily be less than 13)
Directly email Dr. Jeff Halverson, Associate Dean, Graduate School ( your
request to register in excess credits. Please copy Stephanie Totsch ( on this

In the email, please include:

Each course name, section, course number, and number of credits you were able to register for
The course name, section, course number, and number of credits for which you need permission.
Also indicate in the email that the courses are necessary for your degree and your academic
mentor (please provide their name) has approved your course load (if your mentor is not aware
of your intended course load, please meet with them FIRST) of XX credits.

Dr. Halverson will reach out to the Registrar’s Office to request permission on your behalf. In the
past, he has used the RT Ticket system (and copied you on the request). Note: If he has a
question, it is assumed he will contact you, Stephanie, or your mentor

Important: This process provides permission to register; you must still register for the course.
Watch your UMBC email for the RT ticket update giving you permission to add the additional
course(s) and then please do so. This usually happens within 1-3 days.

If you have any questions please send an email to Stephanie. In the email, please cc: your
academic mentor and GPD, so they may be kept in the loop.

* If you need to register for more than 15 credits, you must contact your GPD in advance (and
cc: your mentor) to discuss the intended course load.