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How to register for more than 12 Credits ??

Spring 2021 – Instructions for Ph.D. Students Registering for > 12 credits

If you are planning to register for more than 12 credits this Spring you will need to
follow these steps:
1. Register for as many of your courses as you can
2. Email me and copy your Advisor and Graduate Program Director the courses you
were unable to add.  Include
Course name, section, course number, number of credits
3.  Your Advisor and GPD will email their approval
4.  I will send a request to Dr. Halverson and if he approves the request he will contact
the Registrar's office.  If he has a question he will pursue that with your GPD and/or
5.  Watch your myUMBC email for the RT ticket update giving you permission to add
the additional course(s) and then please do so.  This usually happens within 1-3 days.
If you have any questions please let me know.  Please submit your requests as soon as
you can.