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Welcome to the UMBC Department of Psychology Department Website.  We are glad you decided to drop by electronically. If you are interested in why people, groups, organizations, systems, and cultures think, feel, and act the way they do, you should consider joining us as we seek answers through classes, research, and community engagement that spans the smallest individual neuron to the largest community networks.

Anne Brodsky Professor and Chair



From UMBC News and Magazine

UMBC 2002 Valedictorian Ian Stucky

/a> “UMBC Valedictorian Ian Stucky” Ian Stucky, a 19-year-old UMBC Humanities Scholar, began his studies at UMBC at age 16 and is graduating this year with a B.A. in Modern Languages...

Posted: May 23, 2002, 4:00 AM

AIRS Takes to the Sky

  AQUA, NASA’s latest Earth observing satellite, successfully launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying the Atmospheric Infared Sounder (AIRS),...

Posted: May 17, 2002, 4:00 AM

Answers in the Sky and the Classroom

  Michele McCourt, atmospheric physics Ph.D. student and GEST fellow at UMBC. “Answers in the Sky and the Classroom” Michele McCourt, atmospheric physics...

Posted: May 3, 2002, 4:00 AM