Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Carlo DiClemente photo

Contact Information:


Website:   HABITS Lab


                 Center for Community Collaboration


Ph.D. – University of Rhode Island

Area of Study:

Addiction and Health Behavior Change

Research Interests:

Current research projects include assessing the process of smoking initiation and cessation, SBIRT training in medical residency programs, motivation and stages of change for a variety of health behaviors, and understanding mechanism of change in alcohol and substance abuse.

Graduate Program Affiliation(s):

Human Services Psychology

Leadership roles in the Department/College/University:

Director, MDQuit Tobacco Resource Center

Director, Center for Community Collaboration


Selected Publications:

Connors, G., DiClemente, C. C., Velasquez, M., & Donovan, D. (2012). Substance Abuse Treatment and the Stages of Change (Second Edition). Guilford Press.

DiClemente, C.C. (2007). Mechanisms, Determinants and Process of Change in the modification of drinking behavior. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 31(S3), 13S-20S.

DiClemente, C.C. (2005). Conceptual models and applied research: The ongoing contribution of the Transtheoretical Model, Journal of Addictions Nursing, 16, 5-12.

DiClemente, C.C., Schlundt, D., & Gemell, L. (2004). Readiness and Stages of Change in Addiction Treatment. The American Journal on Addictions, 13, 103-119.

DiClemente, C.C. (2003). Addiction and change: How addictions develop and addicted people recover. New York: Guilford Press.