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John C. Borrero, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Office:       Math/Psychology 337

Phone:      410.455.2326

Fax:           410.455.1055

Lab:           Sondheim 411



Ph.D. – University of Florida, 2004

Area of Study:

Behavior Analysis

Research Interests:

Basic behavioral processes responsible for common behavioral interventions.

The programming of effective learning environments in early childhood education.

Courses Taught:

Psychology of Learning (PSYC 210)

Learning and Cognition (PSYC 605)

Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 693)

Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 694)

Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 655)

Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 793)

Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSYC 794)


Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Accepting new ADP Ph.D. students for Fall 2019.

Please note:  Unless otherwise stated, the Masters Program in Applied Behavior Analysis is always accepting students.


Undergraduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Undergraduate opportunities available.

Undergraduates interested in joining our team must have completed PSYC 210 (Psychology of Learning)


Graduate Program Affiliation(s):

Human Services Psychology

Applied Behavior Analysis (Track within HSP)

Applied Developmental Psychology


Leadership Roles in the Department / College / University:

Director, Applied Behavior Analysis Masters Track


Publications: Research Gate, Google Scholar

Selected Publications:

Becraft, J. L., Borrero, J. C., Mendres-Smith, A. E., & Castillo, M. I. (2017). Decreasing excessive bids for attention in the early education classroom. Journal of Behavioral Education.

Hausman, N. L., Borrero, J. C., Fisher, A., & Kahng, S. (2017). Teaching young children to make accurate portion size estimations using a stimulus equivalence paradigm. Behavioral Interventions, 32, 121-132. doi 10/1002/bin.1466

Leon, Y., Borrero, J. C., & DeLeon, I. G. (2016). Parametric analysis of delayed primary and conditioned reinforcers. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49, 639-655.

Becraft, J. L., Borrero, J. C., Davis, B. J., & Mendres-Smith, A. E (2016). Assessment of a rotating time sampling procedure: Implications for interobserver agreement and response measurement. Education and Treatment of Children, 39, 1-20.

Jessel, J., Borrero, J. C., & Becraft, J. L. (2015). Differential reinforcement of other behavior increases untargeted behavior. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 48, 402-416.