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Robert H. Deluty, Ph.D.

Associate Dean Emeritus, The Graduate School


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Ph.D.- State University of New York, Buffalo, 1980

Selected Publications:

Deluty, R. H. (2019).  Momentary blessings. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2018).  Mysteries, visible and invisible. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2018).  Removing the filters. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2017).  The noblest pleasure. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books

Deluty, R. H. (2017).  Souls and senses. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books

Deluty, R. H. (2016).  On the tightrope. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2015).  A mingled yarn. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2014).  Rock piles and cathedrals. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2013).  The knife and the pumpkin. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2012).  A scratch on the wall. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2011).  Too old to know everything. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Wisniewski, T. J., Robinson, T. N., & Deluty, R. H. (2010).  An evolutionary psychological investigation of parental distress and reproductive coercion during the “coming out” of gay sons. Journal of Homosexuality57, 163-190.

Deluty, R. H. (2010).  Invisible keepsakes. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2009).  Unfolding. Baltimore, MD: Otter Bay Books.

Deluty, R. H. (2008).  As with sunbeams. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2007).  The thread of revelation.  Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2006).  Specks and flashes.  Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2005).  Present sense.  Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2004).  Observed and imagined. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2003). Connecting, unburdening, and enlightening: Reflections on poetry and psychotherapy. Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy39(3), 57-62.

Deluty, R. H. (2003).  The long and short of it.  Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Deluty, R. H. (2002).  West meets East: Processes and outcomes of psychotherapy and haiku/senryu poetry. Journal of Poetry Therapy15, 207-212.

Bilgrave, D. P., & Deluty, R. H. (2002).  Religious beliefs and political ideologies as predictors of psychotherapeutic orientations of clinical and counseling psychologists. Psychotherapy: Theory/Research/Practice/Training39, 245-260.

Deluty, R. H. (2000).  Within and between.  Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press.

Bilgrave, D. P., & Deluty, R. H. (1998).  Religious beliefs and therapeutic orientations of clinical and counseling psychologists.  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion37, 329-349.

Jordan, K. M., & Deluty, R. H. (1998).  Coming out for lesbian women:  Its relation to anxiety, positive affectivity, self-esteem, and social support.Journal of Homosexuality35(2), 41-63.

Deluty, R. H., & DeVitis, J. L. (1996).  Fears in the classroom:  Psychological issues and pedagogical implications. Educational Horizons74, 108-113.

Knapp, P. A., & Deluty, R. H. (1989).  Relative effectiveness of two behavioral parent training programs. Journal of Clinical Child Psychology18, 314-322.

Deluty, R. H. (1988-89).  Factors affecting the acceptability of suicide. Omega-The Journal of Death and Dying19, 315-326.

Haller, R. M., & Deluty, R. H. (1988).  Assaults on staff by psychiatric in-patients: A critical review. British Journal of Psychiatry152, 174-179.

Deluty, R. H. (1985).  Consistency of assertive, aggressive, and submissive behavior for children. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology49, 1054‑1065.

Deluty, R. H. (1984).  Behavioral validation of the Children’s Action  Tendency Scale. Journal of Behavioral Assessment6, 115‑130.

Deluty, R. H. (1981).  Alternative‑thinking ability of aggressive, assertive, and submissive children. Cognitive Therapy and Research5, 309‑312.

Deluty, R. H. (1979).  Children’s Action Tendency Scale:  A self‑report measure of aggressiveness, assertiveness, and submissiveness in children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology47, 1061‑1071.

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