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Jolene Sy ,Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

j sy

Contact Information:


Main campus Office:     Math/Psychology 332
Main Campus Phone:    410.455.2525
Lab Location:               Sondheim 511A
Lab Phone:


Ph.D. – University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl -2011

Major: Psychology, emphasis in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Areas of Study:

Behavioral analysis

Research Interests:

My research focuses on factors that impact learning among children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the impact of delayed consequences. Specifically, our lab examines applications of behavior analysis in both one-on-one and classroom educational contexts, with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition, our lab examines the effects of delayed consequences on learning, and factors associated with behavioral measures of self-control.

Courses Taught:

PSY 210: Learning

PSYC 601: Behavior Analysis in the Schools

PSYC 616: Measurement in Applied Behavior Analysis: Observation and Assessment

Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Accepting new ADP graduate students for Fall 2019.

Students will have the opportunity to conduct assessments and interventions at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Kennedy Krieger high school, two locations that provide services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Interventions consist of behavior analysis applications designed to train teachers and produce skill acquisition among students.

Undergraduate Research and Training Opportunities:

Yes: Accepting New Undergraduate Research Assistants on an as needed basis.

 Students will have the opportunity to collect data and conduct assessments and interventions at the Shafer Center, a private school for children diagnosed with autism. Students also will have the opportunity to work on projects designed to examine factors that correlate with behavioral measures of choice. Students are also welcome to pursue independent research projects on topics related to behavior analysis after they have gained experience in the lab.

Graduate Program Affiliation(s):

 Human Services Psychology

Applied Developmental Psychology


Selected Publications:

Porter, A., & Sy, J. S. (accepted). Assessment and treatment of self-control with aversive events. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Lozy, E., & Sy, J. R. (accepted). An evaluation of the effects of multiple parameters of reinforcement and response effort under concurrent- and single-operant arrangements. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Vessels, J., Sy, J. R., Wilson, A., & Green, L. (accepted). Effects of delay fading and signals on self-control choices by children. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Weyman, J., & Sy, J. S. (accepted). Effects of neutral- and high-quality praise on the rate of skill acquisition among individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Sy, J. R., Gratz, O., & Donaldson, J. M. (2016). The Good Behavior Game with Students in Alternative Educational Environments: Interactions Between Reinforcement Criteria and Scoring Accuracy. Journal of Behavioral Education, 25, 455-477.

Sy, J. R., Green, L., Gratz, O., & Ervin, T. (2016). An evaluation of the effects of a mild delayed verbal punisher on choice of an immediate reinforcer by children with autism. Behavior Modification, 40, 713-730.

Sy, J. R., & Vollmer, T. R. (2012). Discrimination acquisition in children with developmental disabilities under immediate and delayed reinforcement. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 667-684.