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Zoe Warwick, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

& Director, Undergraduate Programs


Contact Information:


Office:       Math/Psychology 316

Phone:      410.455.2360

Fax:          410.455.1055

Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

NO    Not accepting new graduate students

Undergraduate Research and Training Opportunities:

NO    No undergraduate opportunities available


Ph.D. – Duke University, 1992

Area of Study:

Experimental Psychology

Courses Taught:

Exploring Psychology: Discipline and Careers (PSYC 292)

Physiological Psychology (PSYC 335)

Eating Normal and Abnormal (PSYC 463)

Leadership roles in the Department/College/University:

Director, Undergraduate Programs

Research Interests:

Effective pedagogical practices in teaching of Psychology.  Lifespan changes in determinants of eating behavior, particularly overeating.

Selected Publications:

Selected Publications

Warwick, Z.S., Synowski, S.J., Rice, K.D., Smart, A.B. (in press). Independent effects of diet palatability and fat content on bout size and daily intake in rats. Physiology and Behavior.

Warwick, Z.S. (2003). Dietary fat dose-dependently increases spontaneous caloric intake in rat. Obesity Research, 11, 859-864.

Warwick, Z.S., Synowski, S.J., Bell, K.R. (2002). Dietary fat content affects energy intake and weight gain independent of diet caloric density in rats. Physiology and Behavior., 77, 85-90.

Warwick, Z.S., McGuire, C.M.,Bowen, K.J.; Synowski, S.J. (2000). Behavioral expression of high-fat diet hyperphagia: meal size, satiety, and adjustment of intake. American Journal of Physiology, 278, R196-R200.

Warwick, Z.S.; Synowski, S.J. (1999). Effect of food deprivation and maintenance diet composition on fat preference and acceptance in rat. Physiology and Behavior, 68, 235-239.