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Lowell Groninger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus


Office: Math/Psychology 421
Lab: Sondheim Hall 407



Ph.D. – University of Illinois, 1968

Area of Study

Cognitive Psychology

Research Interests

Dr. Groninger’s research interests are in cognitive processes particularly in components of cognition that relate to human memory. He is currently studying retrieval processes for information in general and peoples’ names in particular. His current specialized interest is in what is known as the “tip-of-the-tongue” phenomenon. This phenomenon involves the knowledge that one is certain of the name of a person without being able to verbally generate the name. Questions about this topic from students are welcome and opportunities exist in Dr. Groninger’s laboratory for undergraduate student involvement.

Selected Publications

Groninger, L. D. & Murray, K. (In press) Reminiscence, forgetting, and hypermnesia: isolating the effects using recall and recognition memory measures. Memory.

Groninger, L. D. (2000). Face-name mediated learning and long-term retention: the role of images and imagery processes. American Journal of Psychology, 113, 199-219.

Groninger, L. D. (2000). Searching for Names: When Trying to Hard Doesn’t Pay off. Paper presented at the meetings of the Psychonomic Society. New Orleans, Louisiana, October 15-17.

Groninger, L. D., Groninger, D. H., and Steins, J. (1995). Learning the names of people: the role of image mediators. Memory, 3,147-167.