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HSP Application Procedures

  • The HSP program adheres to the CUDCP Policy for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances
  • The HSP program utilizes a mentor model. All students are admitted with a primary research mentor assignment. Applicants should check to be sure faculty with whom they would like to work are accepting new students.
  • All HSP faculty participate in the review of applications, interviews, and decisions regarding who will receive interview and admissions offers.
  • All applicants to the HSP program receive a comprehensive evaluation by a minimum of two faculty members (usually the individuals with whom the applicant expressed interest in working) on the following dimensions:
    1. Compatibility of applicant’s goals and interests with the purposes and values of the program:
    2. Ability (relative to expected graduate school performance). (In general, we seek students with GPAs >3.2 and GRE scores above the 50th percentile, but consider the entire application and the student’s life circumstances in making these evaluations).  What are some characteristics of past clinical students?
    3. Preparation (relative to expected graduate school performance), including coursework, evidence of independent scholarship, supervised research, and practical experiences
    4. Strength of support letters, personal statement, maturity
    5. Interest match with faculty member/potential mentor
  • The HSP program is committed to training psychologists to serve a diverse population and welcomes applicants from diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation/gender identity backgrounds.
  • Interview offers usually are extended in January. Interviews are held on a Thursday and Friday in February.  Specific interview dates are posted sometime in September.  Phone/Skype interviews (and sometimes alternate interview days) are available for applicants unable to visit in person.  We do not reimburse transportation costs, but we do try to find housing with a current student if desired/available, and provide a reception on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday.
  • First-round admission offers typically are extended within two weeks following visit day.
  • Notification of applicants declined admission takes place in two phases:
    1. Applicants who are clearly not appropriate or competitive for the program are notified after the first round review.
    2. Applicants deemed acceptable, but not ranked highly enough to get an offer are notified after all admission decisions have been made.

HSP Supplemental Application

All applicants to the HSP Program in Psychology must complete and upload the HSP Supplemental Application file as part of their application. Applicants will be able to upload the file at the last step of the Graduate School Application process.

The HSP Supplemental Application will ask applicants to:
1) specify the track(s) within HSP they are applying;
2) indicate the faculty mentor(s) with whom they want to conduct research and how your interests align with theirs;
3) list any coursework you feel highlights your preparation for graduate education in HSP;
4) briefly describe your current career goals; and
5) provide any additional information that may assist the Admissions Committee.

Important: for applicants who do not have a degree in Psychology (Bachelor’s or Master’s), the Supplemental Application is important as it allows you to demonstrate your preparation for graduate study ways such as: courses taken in Psychology, courses taken in Social Sciences, courses in Research Methods, research experience, practical experience, etc.

The preferred method of application is through the online application forms available at the UMBC Graduate School website: The online application includes both the UMBC Application for Graduate Admission and the Supplemental Application for the Human Services Psychology program. The UMBC Graduate School website also includes a checklist of application materials. The deadline for application is December 1. Hard copies of all application materials can be obtained by contacting the Psychology Department at (410) 455-2567

HSP Supplemental Application