Staff Introductions

The Psychology department staff has gone through a few changes in the last year.

Stephanie Totsch has moved into the Graduate Program Coordinator role as our former Graduate Program Coordinator, Beverly McDougall, has recently retired. (We’ll miss you Bev!)

And we have hired Trevor Pitts to be our new Graduate Program Specialist.

Stephanie will be working with our graduate students as they work their way through their masters or PhD programs. Trevor will also be working with Stephanie to assist our graduate students, while also managing all of the purchasing for the department.

We have also welcomed Jenae Wilson during our time at home. Jenae is an Academic Advisor for our undergraduate psychology students.

The second half own our dynamic advising duo is Debbie Paul and between the two of them, every undergraduate psychology student is able to access help in making their way through their degree program.

Arianne Burroughs is our Administrative Assistant and she will be handling all of your HR paperwork and payroll issues. Most of our faculty and graduate students will have an opportunity to meet with Ari during their onboarding process.

Amy Schneider is the Business Manager for our department. All of the financials and grants for the department flow through Amy. It’s a very big job and we are very appreciative of all of Amy’s hard work! If you need to find about about purchasing anything for your lab, getting your graduate fees paid, or have questions about your contracts, Amy is your go to person.

And Elaine O’Heir rounds out our team. Elaine is the Department Coordinator and Assistant to the Chair. You will be seeing Elaine for keys or lock box codes to rooms in the department. Elaine also manages the schedule of classes and assigns classrooms space. Elaine super power is that she knows someone in every department on campus and can connect you to someone on UMBCs campus who can help with any problem. Give it a try and I am sure you will be impressed by her knowledge!

If you ever need anything, you can always swing by the 3rdfloor of the Math/Psych building and we would be happy to help you! Several of the staff are working in person on some days and remotely on others but there is someone here at all times Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm.

You can also find our contact information and office locations by clicking Resources and then Graduate Resources on the website.