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Study Child Developmental Psychology (Psyc 200) in Granada, Spain in June 2019

The Department of Psychology is excited to announce the opportunity to take Psyc 200 Child
Developmental Psychology in Granada, Spain in June 2019. Dr. David Schultz will lead this study
abroad course. This course counts toward the Developmental domain within the psychology
major and UMBC’s Social Sciences GEP. This course focuses on children’s emotional, social,
cognitive, and physical development and compare different countries' governmental policies
that impact children and families. Students will also get to observe children in both a preschool
and elementary school in Granada and compare these classrooms, teachers, and children to
those in other countries. Granada, Spain is a beautiful and fun city that reflects the intersection
of cultures. Granada was the last stronghold of the Islamic Moors, who conquered Spain from
711 to 1492, and their legacy lies all around: in horseshoe arches, spicy aromas emanating from
street stalls, and teahouses in the millenia-old Albaicin neighborhood. Most stunningly, the
Alhambra—a Moorish fortress and palace—is without equal in Europe for its beauty and design.
The course comes with cultural excursions, including a guided tour of the Alhambra and the
Albaicin neighborhood, a flamenco show in a cave dwelling, and a trip to villages in the Sierra
Nevada mountain range.

For more information, please email Dr. Schultz at