Behavioral Risk Assessment and Consultation Team

The Behavioral Risk Assessment and Consultation Team (BRACT) assists faculty, staff, and students with situations and behaviors that are concerning, disruptive, and/or threatening. 

Reports and consultation with the team are kept private while keeping the dignity of the person and behaviors being discussed central to the team’s assessment process.  

BRACT is a small interdisciplinary team that reviews reports to assess behaviors that may endanger self or/and others. Members of the team are aware that many concerning behaviors can be attributed to problems, suffering, trauma, difficulty coping, etc. Interventions are designed to provide support and assistance while being mindful of the safety and security of the campus community.  

The team is designed to provide information, recommendations, and referrals to those dealing with concerning behavior. The team does not adjudicate, discipline, or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment and, therefore, is not a disciplinary body.

Read the UMBC Faculty and Staff Guide on Helping a Person in Distress. 

To contact a member of the BRACT team, please call 410-455-2393 or email


Emergency                                                                 410-455-5555
University Police                                                         410-455-5555
Behavioral Risk Assessment and Consultation Team 410-455-2393
Retriever Integrated Health                                       410-455-2542
Student Affairs                                                           410-455-2393
Student Conduct and Community Standards            410-455-2453
Office of Equity and Inclusion                                    410-455-1717
Human Resources                                                      410-455-2337
General Counsel                                                         410-455-2870
Residential Life                                                           410-455-2591


FOR DISRUPTIVE and DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR- Please call the police at either 410-455-5555 or 911
Disruptive or dangerous behavior may include behavior that disrupts the normal activity of a classroom, meeting, or event; verbal or physical
threats to others; threats of suicide; resistance to help or resources; stalking; destruction or damage to property; any type of violence.

FOR CONCERNING BEHAVIOR- Please contact either Retriever Integrated Health/Counseling at 410-455-2472, UMBC Police at 410-455-5555, or Student Affairs at 410-455-2393
Concerning behavior may include confusion, deep sadness, anxiety/irritability, lack of motivation and/or concentration,
bizarre behavior, thoughts/talk/writing/texts/posts about suicide.