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Zachary Millman

Human Services Psychology-Second Year

Youth First Lab















I am a second year student in clinical psychology, working under the supervision of Dr.Jason Schiffman. In the Youth First Lab, we are interested in understanding thedevelopment of psychosis in young people at elevated risk. Within this context, I am interested in the role of psychosocial stress in the onset and course of psychosis. I am especially interested in how individual differences in stress response, particularly at the biological level, contribute to illness presentation and progression. I conduct my research within the Maryland Early Intervention Program, a multi-institutional collaborative lead in part by Dr. Schiffman and aimed at improving the lives of people in the early phases of psychosis. My goal is to pursue a research career in an academic institution where I can address the pressing psychological questions that keep me up at night. I hope that my work contributes to an enhanced scientific understanding of the etiology of serious mental illness and to tangible benefits for patients and families.

I live in Baltimore City where I love to explore restaurants, bars, and live music. I enjoy running, listening to podcasts, and discussing issues of global importance with my friends. I also enjoy discussing issues that are completely meaningless but are nonetheless entertaining. Finally, I love to listen to Jerry Garcia and impress my carnivorous friends with delicious vegetarian meals. Baltimore, UMBC, and the Psychology Department are excellent locations for all of these interests, both academic and personal.