Campus will open at Noon on Friday, March 6th, 2015.
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ADP Current Students

  • Merve – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – The role of culture and parenting on socio-emotional development of children and adolescents
  • Jessica Becraft – (mentor: John Borrero) – Assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior and communication deficits displayed by individuals with intellectual disabilities; applications of behavior analysis to classroom interventions; translational research
  • Rose Belanger – – (mentor: Susan Sonnenschein) – Early intervention for children at risk for developmental disorders and delays, parent/infant relationships and mental health
  • Katherine Bohner - – (mentor: Steve Pitts) – Psychophysiology of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), in particular examining differences in the cardiovascular functioning of children with and without this disorder. Psychometric evaluation of the current DSM classification of ADHD (i.e., bifactor model)
  • Abbey Carreau-Webster - – (mentor: John Borrero) – Evaluation of methods to improve the assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders as well as factors that influence risky-choice in human decision making
  • Mariana Castillo – (mentor: John Borrero) – Basic processes that affect and control behavior; translational and behavioral economic research; applications of behavior analysis to classroom interventions, including programming of effective learning environments in early childhood education
  • Barbara Davis - – (mentor: John Borrero) – Improving behaviorally based interventions for individuals with severe problem behavior; interventions for communication deficits of children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Rebecca – (mentor: Susan Sonnenschein)- Early childhood education, parenting, performance in school, literacy development, and application of research to policy
  • Kate Flynn - – (mentor: David Schultz) Early intervention for children with behavior problems, especially those at risk for later social and psychological difficulties
  • Michelle Frank-Crawford - – (mentor: John Borrero) – Assessment and treatment of behavior problems for individuals with intellectual disabilities, particularly identification/prevention of conditions under which treatment degradation occurs
  • Elisabeth – (mentor: David Schultz) – The role of children’s storybooks in early social and emotional development
  • Shelby Jones – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – The role of culture, parenting, and the environment in promoting positive socio-emotional development and well-being among children and adolescents
  • Hui Jun Lim – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – Role of parenting and culture on the socio-emotional development of children and emerging adults
  • Shari Metzger - – (mentor: Susan Sonnenschein) – Schooling and educational development, children’s conceptions of mathematics and how those conceptions relate to motivation, home experiences, and achievement; curriculum development and evaluation.
  • Laura Rose - – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – Parenting, attachment, peer relationships and developmental delays from infancy through early childhood.
  • You Jung Seo – – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – Parent-child relationship, socio-emotional development of immigrant children, and acculturation among Korean-American families
  • Lisa Shanty – (mentor: David Schultz) – Emotional adjustment and social development of young children, particularly the role that parent-child relationships play in the development of prosocial behaviors
  • Cassandra Simons – (mentor: Susan Sonnenschein) – The effects of parent-child interaction and parenting beliefs on the ability of children to self-regulate and to succeed academically
  •  Amber Mendres – (mentor: John Borrero) – Intellectual disabilities, behavior analysis, assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, translational research
  •  Madiha – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – Factors that promote positive socio-emotional development and well-being among immigrant parents and their adolescents
  • Joy Thompson - – (mentor: Susan Sonnenschein) – Early childhood education; short- and long-term educational outcomes of children from low-income and minority backgrounds; evaluation of educational interventions targeting children from low-income backgrounds; application of research to policy
  • Lisa Toole - – (mentor: John Borrero) – Assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders, early childhood education and early intervention, and peer tutoring
  • Laura Umberger (mentor: Linda Baker) – Reading comprehension and literacy, executive functioning, and creative and analytical thinking related to education
  • Kathy – (mentor : Charissa Cheah) – Kathy Vu – – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – Cross-cultural differences in emotions, emotion expression and emotion socialization
  • Jing Yu - – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – How culture, parenting beliefs and practices, and child’s temperament interact to influence child’s socio-emotional development; the adjustment and acculturation of immigrant parents and children
  • Alisa Zeliger-Kandasamy – (mentor: Linda Baker) – Literacy development in elementary school: evaluation of positive/negative teaching methods and outcomes concerning underachieving pupils, curriculum development, education policy
  • Nan Zhou - – (mentor: Charissa Cheah) – The role of culture in parenting and children’s socialization processes; immigrant children’s socio-emotional and physical health development.