Dual Major

Sociology BA/Psychology BS Double Major

Students taking a double major with the BA in Sociology, and the BS in Psychology receive a reduction of 7 credits compared to the total number of credits required for the two majors separately. These double majors take PSYC 311 (formerly PSYC 331) and PSYC 312 (formerly PSYC 332) instead of SOCY 301, a reduction of 4 credits. They can also take one of the following sociology courses instead of one psychology 300-level elective course: SOCY 332, 333, 351,353, 355, 357, 430, 451, 458, ANTH 312, 314.

Social Work/Psychology Double Major

Students taking a double major in Social Work and Psychology can use SOWK 388 in place of the 300-level PSYC elective.