ADP Program Requirements (effective Fall 2017)


ADP Core Courses                                                                       Credits

Cultural Aspects of Human Dev                     PSYC 653                   3

Social and Personality Development              PSYC 781                  3

Cognitive Development                                  PSYC 651                   3

Total ADP Core                                                                                   9



Data Analytic Procedures I                             PSYC 611                   4

Data Analytic Procedures II                            PSYC 711                   4

Research Methods                                          PSYC 710                   3

Elective in statistics or methods                                                         3

(e.g., Measurement of Behavior, Qualitative Methods,

Program Evaluation, Advanced Quantitative Topics courses)

Total Methods                                                                                     14


Basic Psychology Core Courses

Learning, Development, and Biological Bases PYSC 602                4

Individual Differences, Social, and Diversity  PSYC 603                   4

Total Basic Core                                                                                 8


Other ADP Program requirements

Public Policy Issues OR Prevention OR Intervention1                        3

(e.g., PSYC 736)

Assessment                                       (e.g., PSYC 720 ; PSYC 721)  3

Ethical and Professional Issues                     PSYC 686                   3

Topics in ADP2                                                                       no credit

Diversity                                                                                  no credit

Field Experience3        PSYC 690                                                      3

Total additional                                                                                   12


Specialization courses                                                                     9

At least 6 credits must be from regular taught courses. Additional credits may come from courses, practica, or independent study. Courses that are used to fulfill the general requirements for ADP may not count as part of the specialization. Additional measurement and statistics courses may not count towards specialization unless the student is specializing in one or both of those areas.


Total Course Requirements                                                             52


Research Requirements                 

Master’s thesis (or research competency)     PSYC 799                   6

Dissertation                                                     PSYC 899                   18

Total research                                                                                     24


Total number of credits for Ph.D. degree                                      76


1 Based upon consultation with their advisors, students must choose a minimum of one course in Public Policy, Prevention, OR Intervention. Of course, students can choose to take a course in each of the 3 domains.


Both Topics in ADP and Diversity are no credit, required courses. Students must “take” Topics at least twice, preferably in their first and second years.  Students must take Diversity once, in their first or second year.


3 Up to 12 credits of field experience (practica) can be taken in partial satisfaction of degree requirements, 3 credits of which are required. Practica are typically taken in 3-credit blocks (150-180 hours).  To receive credit for practica beyond the 3-credit minimum, each practicum experience must be uniquely defined, in consultation with one’s academic advisor and on-site practicum supervisor. If the circumstances warrant, a student may be given permission to register for a 2-semester practicum at the same site; advance approval of the program director is necessary. No more than 6 credits of practicum are permitted prior to the completion of the Master’s thesis. Under most circumstances, a student taking more than 6 practicum credits will graduate with more than 54 course credits.