Important Deadlines to Know and Forms to Submit

For Incoming Students


  • If you need to take a course at another institution to complete your degree program here, information on the process can be found on the Graduate Schools website.
  • Excess Credits- If you need to register for more than 12 credits in any semester, you will need to register for all of the courses that you can and then email Dr. Jeffrey Halverson ( to request assistance with manually registering for the final course. In your email you will need:
    • Permission from your Mentor to register for the classes
    • Your full name and Campus ID number
    • The name, session, and instructor for the course you want to register for.
  • GRAD601
    • Is used by Graduate Assistants to help maintain their full time course load. This is a 5 credit course that you can register for and use your GA hours.
  • PSYC799– Master’s Thesis Research (Can be 2 to 6 credit hours per course)
    • Six credit hours are required for the master’s degree
  • PSYC899– Doctoral Dissertation Research
    • Prerequisite: Admission to Doctoral Candidacy Required.
    • A minimum of 2 semesters are required for graduation.
  • PSYC900- Psychology Internship Course
    • This course can be used if a student is on internship and has already completed their dissertation.

Degree Progression Guide

(This is an example plan to show progression, individual timelines will vary by student)

  • 1st Year
    • Registering for classes- Please speak with your Mentor about what initial courses you should register for.
      • Students typically do not register for classes until closer to Orientation in the Fall. If you register too early, then you will start getting tuition payment reminders until classes start.
        • We will make sure that there is a seat in any class for you. So you do not need to register early to save your spot.
    • Getting Fees paid
      • Fees are paid for students for the first 3 years their are in the program
    • Adding a Masters degree to your PhD program
      • The Concurrent Master’s Degree Program Application can be found on the Grad School’s website. It is a one page form that requires your signature and the signature of your Graduate Program Director (Dr. Steven Pitts for HSP and Dr. Susan Sonnenschein for ADP).
        • Please use this form if you are wanting to graduate with your Masters as part of your doctoral program.
        • Please only submit the DOC version of this form. The Grad School cannot process the PDF.
        • The Program Code is either HSPS or ADPS
        • The Track codes are: BEME CON for BMed, CASP CON for Community, and CLPS CON for Clinical track.
        • The codes for the semester are a little difficult. If you mean August 2022, then the code is 2228. This is because 2022 and August is the 8th month. So use the first and then final two numbers of the year followed by the last number of the month to get the semester code.
  • 2nd Year
    • Beginning to work in the UMBC Psychology Training Clinic
    • Thesis Process
      • Due two (2) months prior to the final exam.
        • Check with your Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Catalog for related information regarding: preparation of your thesis, examination committee, final examinations and other requirements for the master’s degree.
        • Submit the Nomination of Members for the Final Master’s Examination Committee form.
        • The Graduate School will then notify the Chairman of the Committee and the Dean’s selected representative of the approved/appointed committee by returning the above form showing Graduate School approval and appointment of the Dean’s representative.
      • Due two (2) weeks before the thesis defense.
        • After the final defense has been scheduled, the student should submit the Certification of Readiness to Defend the Master’s Thesis form. This will be signed by the Committee Chair (and Co-Chair, if relevant) and GPD. The Graduate School will then send the Procedures for Examination of the Master’s Thesis and the Report of the Examining Committee form to the Dean’s representative of your committee.
      • Due within two (2) business days after the oral defense. The Representative for the Dean returns the completed Report of the Examining Committee form to the Graduate School.
      • Fall: December 20 Please only submit the DOC version of this form. The Grad School cannot process the PDF.
      • Summer: August 19
      • Spring: May 19


Ways to get involved in the Department

  • Becoming a Teaching Fellow
  • Becoming a Program Representative for either HSP or ADP
    • Program Representatives are expected to attend monthly program specific meetings.
    • As well as attend monthly Graduate Program Committee (GPC) meetings.
      • In each meeting, the representatives have a voice but no vote.
    • Program Representatives will assist with “visit day” (which will be “Virtual Visit Week” this year)
    • Program Representatives serve as a liaison between HSP or ADP students and the HSP or ADP programs.
    • To become a Program Representative, please email your Program Director.
  • Getting a Summer TA job
    • Email Eileen O’Brien if you are interested in a Summer TA position

How To: