Request Ticket

The Request Ticket (RT) system is used for:
  • Any purchases for the offices, research labs or any instruction materials for the Psychology Department.
  • Travel requests for hotel and conference registrations to be paid by Ari.
  • Any reimbursement requests.
  • And work requests such as exam copying or something needs to be fixed, moved, etc.
Please be sure to include as much relevant information as possible on the ticket (what you specifically need and why) and be sure to watch your UMBC email address in the days that follow as that is how you will be reached for any questions about your request.
  1. If purchasing a computer, please make sure that the computer you are requesting meets the minimums for technology that DoIt requires. You can see the list of requirements here.
  2. For graduate students who are submitting their fee information, please use the RT Ticket link under the Graduate Resources tab for those requests.