HSP Application Information

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is December 1st for all materials.

Faculty mentor and interest match

  • The HSP program utilizes a mentor model. All students are admitted with a primary
    research mentor assignment. Applicants should confirm the faculty with whom they would
    like to work are accepting new students.
  • Applicants may identify up to two faculty members who will serve as their faculty
    mentor. Please see HSP Faculty to learn more about each faculty member’s research interests.
  • Applicants are expected to write a personal statement. Statements are typically from one to three pages (single spaced), though they may be shorter or longer as the applicant believes is best.
  • In the statement, applicants should make sure to indicate how their: 1) interests align with the faculty mentor(s) they have identified and 2) interests, experiences, and/or future goals align with the HSP program’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • Applicants who do not have a degree in Psychology should explicitly specify their
    preparation and foundational knowledge necessary for admission into a doctoral program
    in Psychology.


  • The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0 or higher; > 3.2 is preferred.


  • The GRE General Test is not required and will not be considered as part of any application to the Human Services Psychology Program. There is no mechanism allowing an applicant to provide these scores as they will not be accepted in the application process.
  • The GRE Subject Test in Psychology is not required. It is not typically allowed to be included with one exception. If an applicant does not have a degree in Psychology or the applicant’s GPA for the degree is less than 3.20, the applicant may submit test scores for the GRE Subject Test in Psychology as one of many possible ways to demonstrate preparedness to begin study in a doctoral program of Psychology. Please see the FAQs document for other methods of demonstrating preparedness to begin study in a doctoral program of Psychology.

HSP FAQ 2023

Letters of recommendation

  • Three letters of recommendation (LORs) are required of all applicants.
  • If an application is incomplete due to fewer than three LORs, the applicant will be
    regularly notified of this by the Graduate Application software.

Writing Sample (Optional)

  • Occasionally, applicants have provided examples of papers and/or studies they have written.
  • This is not required, but if an applicant wishes to provide this, it should be uploaded in the online Graduate School Application section that is labeled “Additional Admissions Documents.

Application Review

  • The HSP program is committed to training psychologists to serve a diverse population
    and welcomes applicants from diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual
    orientation/gender identity backgrounds.
  • All applicants to the HSP program receive a comprehensive evaluation by a minimum of two faculty members (usually the individuals with whom the applicant expressed interest in working) on the following dimensions:
    1. Compatibility of applicant’s goals and interests with the purposes and values of the program.
    2. Ability (relative to expected graduate school performance). (In general, we seek students with GPAs >3.2 but consider the entire application and the student’s life circumstances in making these evaluations).
    3. Preparation (relative to expected graduate school performance), including coursework, evidence of independent scholarship, supervised research, and practical experiences.
    4. Strength of support letters, personal statement, and maturity.
    5. Interest match with faculty member/potential mentor.

Approximate Admissions Schedule

  • Applicants who meet the criteria highlighted above are invited to interview with the HSP Faculty following the first-round review – Visit Day.
  • Applicants invited to Visit Day will be contacted in late January for availability and scheduling.
  • Interviews will be held virtually February 7-8, 2024.
  • Formal admission offers to the program are typically extended within two
    weeks following Visit Day (late February to early March 2024), but not earlier than February 19, 2024.

    • If you attended Visit Day and have not heard from us within two weeks, please
      contact your inviting faculty mentor if you are entertaining an offer from another
  • Notification of applicants declined admission ideally takes place in two phases:
    1. Applicants who are not appropriate or competitive for the program are ideally notified at some point following the first round review.
    2. Applicants deemed acceptable, but not ranked highly enough following Visit Day to
      warrant an offer are notified after all admission decisions have been made.
  • The HSP program adheres to the CUDCP Policy for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances

Policy on Acceptance of Prior Graduate Coursework

On the basis of previous graduate coursework, matriculated students can petition to waive specific program requirements, providing a rationale for the waiver along with relevant course syllabi. Such waivers must be approved by the student’s academic advisor, the HSP program director, and the faculty member who teaches or oversees the course in question. Depending on how many classes are waived matriculated students may require less time to complete the program, or may have time to take additional courses of interest. Additional details can be found in our Program Handbook that is available within the HSP section of our website.

Program Completion Rates

The median time to degree completion, including internship, is six years for students in the APA-accredited clinical track (including students taking combined training in clinical and either behavioral medicine or community psychology). The expected time to degree completion for HSP students who are not in the clinical track is 4-5 years. Students who are admitted with a master’s degree may be able to complete the program requirements more quickly than students who enter with a bachelor’s degree. However, having completed prior graduate coursework does not guarantee more rapid completion of the HSP program.

Questions about graduate courses

  • We do not offer online courses.
  • Applicants cannot take HSP graduate courses prior to admission to the program.
  • Admissions are for Fall only. We do not enroll new students in Spring semesters.
  • We do not accept non-degree seeking students.

Matriculation Rate

  • The matriculation rate is 8.5%