When is the ADP Application deadline?

December 1st.

Do I need to take the GREs?

NO. Due to the current covid-19 situation, taking GRE is not required for the current admission cycle.

I work full-time and am interested in attending the ADP program part-time. May I do so?

We rarely, if ever, admit part-time students. We have found that such students do not have sufficient time to devote to their studies. Although some of our classes are offered in the evenings, many are offered during the early or late afternoon. In addition, being successful in the program requires more than completing courses. Students must have sufficient time to be involved in research, which is quite time-demanding.

Do you offer financial support for students in the ADP program?

We try, and generally are able, to offer financial support to all students in the program who want such support. Often, however, we cannot guarantee such support to all interested students at the time we offer admission. Students awarded full support receive a stipend of about $18,742, tuition remission for up to 10 credits a semester, and student health insurance. They are expected to work 20 hours a week.

I want to become a licensed psychologist. Can I do so with a Ph.D. in ADP?

After completing a post-doctoral internship, graduates of the ADP program are eligible to take the licensing exam in Maryland. Note, however, the ADP program is not a clinical psychology program. The program will not prepare you to become a clinical psychologist nor to meet clinical psychology licensing requirements.

The ADP program meets the Association of State & Provincial Psychology Boards/National Register of Health Service Providers of Psychology “Guidelines for Defining Doctoral Degree in Psychology.” Therefore, graduates of the ADP program who decide to apply for licensing as a psychologist typically will meet the educational requirements for licensing in the United States and Canada. However, in each jurisdiction, there are additional requirements that must be satisfied. For exact information, please contact the state or provincial licensing board in the jurisdiction in which you plan to apply.

Once licensed, graduates are eligible to apply for credentialing as a Health Service Provider in Psychology. Graduation from a designated program means that the program you completed typically meets the educational requirements for credentialing by the National Register. However, there are additional requirements that must be satisfied prior to be credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. For further information, please consult the National Register’websitete: www.nationalregister.org.

Can I be admitted to the ADP program even if I did not major in psychology as an undergraduate?

Yes. Although most of our students were psychology majors as undergraduates, we do admit students who did not major in psychology. Admission decisions are based on the applicant’s background, interests, and qualifications. In some cases, applicants who do not have sufficient background in psychology are admitted provisionally, contingent upon successfully completing a specific course or two. Often such students are required to take an advanced undergraduate course in research design and analysis.

I am very interested in the ADP program, but no one on the faculty has similar interests to mine. Is that a problem?

Possibly. When making decisions about whom to admit, one of the criteria we use is a match between a faculty member and the applicant’s area of interest. At times, we do not admit applicants who are highly qualified because there is no one on the ADP faculty whose interests are sufficiently similar to that of the applicant.

How do I apply to the ADP program?

You need to complete the Graduate School application. Which is available at  http://www.umbc.edu/gradschool/admissions/howto.html.

You need to submit your GRE scores and arrange to have 3 letters of reference sent. In considering whom to ask for letters of reference, it is important that the reviewers address your potential for being successful in our program. Therefore, you should seek letters from people who can talk about you as a student (preferably a psychology student) or a researcher. Letters from people for whom you have worked when that work is unrelated to psychology will not be as heavily weighted.

Whom should I contact if I have other questions about the ADP program?

Contact the graduate program director, Dr. Susan Sonnenschein at 410.455.2361 or at  sonnensc@umbc.edu. If you have questions about a specific faculty member’s interests, contact that faculty member. Email addresses for individual faculty are available on the ADP website or send an email to psycdept@umbc.edu.