Internship Experiences in Psychology

Learning about the field of psychology does not have to be limited to lectures in the classroom. Applying lessons learned in class to the real world and learning to “think on your feet” can be an eye-opening experience. Obtaining an internship experience in psychology can provide exposure to a field or industry you are curious about.

What is an internship experience?

An internship is a practical real-world experience that allows you the opportunity to use the information you are learning in the classroom in a professional setting, and  broaden your education from abstract to applied contexts.

Why participate in an internship experience?

  • Learn more about your possible career paths
  • Gain valuable experience that can be added to your resume
  • Begin to develop your professional network
  • Potentially earn academic credit and pay for the work you are performing
  • Learn about your strength, weaknesses and interests

What are the requirements for an internship?

  • Freshman: Must have completed one full-time semester at UMBC
  • Transfers: One full-time semester at UMBC OR transfer with 30+ credits
  • GPA ≥ 2.50/4.00

How do I get started?

You should make an appointment with your internship coordinator at the Career Services Center.  This can be done by accessing your UMBCworks account or calling (410) 455-2216.

  1. From the myUMBC home page, go to: Topics -> Jobs & Internships -> UMBCworks
  2. Sign the user agreement.
  3. From the homepage at the top, click the “Profile” tab and complete the form.
  4. From the homepage on the right-hand side, select “Request a counseling appointment.”
    1. Select and find a 30 minute appointment time that works for your schedule OR call (410) 455-2216.
    2. Remember, if you need to cancel or change your appointment time, you should do so at least 24 hours BEFORE your appointment time.
  5. Upload your resume to UMBCworks by the time of your appointment through the “Documents” tab at the top of the homepage.

I don’t have a resume. What do I do?

It is okay if you are not familiar with the resume process. There are a number of resources available to help you get started.

Why do I need to make an appointment?

The appointment with your coordinator will allow the chance for a professional review of your resume.  Additionally, the coordinator can help you:

  • Identify organizations and industries you are interested in
  • Demonstrate how to use UMBCworks for your internship or research search
  • Help you find other resources that will aid you in your search
  • Review options for receiving academic credit/transcript notation for your internship or research experience

I have already found an internship on my own. Now what?

Follow up with your Career Services coordinator. Psychology students are able to receive both academic credit (PSYC 398) and transcript notations PRAC 95/98/99 for their internship.  Your coordinator will be able to provide you with more information on each and answer any questions you might have about the process.

What is PSYC 398?

PSYC 398 – Applied Internship in Psychology:

A one to three-credit independent study course for students placed at an internship within the field of psychology.  Most psychology professors are able to take students in their PSYC 398 independent study course; however, you will need to seek their permission first. Contact Dr. Aubrey Etopio at, Director of Internships, for clarification of requirements of psychology academic credit, and to be matched with an appropriate mentor.

What is PRAC 95/98/99?

PRAC or practicum is a 0-credit course offered by the Career Services Center.  It allows students to search for an internship and gain University recognition for an internship or research opportunity, and the opportunity to have it noted on their official transcript. In most cases, PRAC may be a co-requisite for enrollment in PSYC 397/398.

Selected Organizations currently seeking interns:

In addition to the internship positions advertised on UMBCworks, below are organizations that are currently seeking interns:
  • — Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking undergraduate students for summer employment as a psychology teaching assistant. They offer challenging academic programs for highly talented elementary, middle, and high school students from around the world. Find out more information at their website. For questions, email To fill out an application, click here.
  • Maryland Public Service Scholars offers 3 paid internship programs for summer 2023: Governor’s Summer Internship Program; Sondheim Nonprofit Leadership Program; and Maryland Dept. of Transportation Fellows Program. Information about all internship programs can be found here:
  • The Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in Catonsville is looking for minoritized undergraduates interested in pursuing clinical psychology, psychiatry, or neuroscience. Interns will gain valuable research and clinical experience. Applications will be accepted no later than January 27th, 2023. More information here. You may also contact Dr. Sonia Bansal at
  • Service Coordination, Inc: this non-profit organization is the leading case management provider for people with developmental disabilities in Maryland. Visit their website or email Justin Volman at for more information.
  • Pathways Behavioral Health is a mental health company serving children in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. At the completion of this paid year-long internship, the intern will have completed the coursework and practical requirements required to take the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exam. Interns will work in person on Monday–Friday 9am–12pm (Alexandria, VA) or Thursday\Friday 4pm–7pm and Saturday 9am–12pm (College Park, MD). For more information visit their website or email Co-Clinical Director, Amber Shriver, at
  • Transformation Healthcare: We are currently looking to hire/accepting interns for our Substance abused and Mental health departments. See for internship application links. For more information, email Nacelle Saah at
  • PALS programs: A non-profit organization that creates inclusive camp experiences for young people with Down syndrome and their peers. If interested, check out their website.
  • Maryland Public Defender’s Office internship program: interns work in our District offices assisting our trial attorneys in the representation of adult and juvenile clients in criminal cases. If interested, check out their website.
  • Maryland Psychiatric Research Institute: Dr. James Waltz is seeking interns to help support his neuroimaging studies of schizophrenia primarily involving learning, stress, motivation and psychotic symptoms. If interested, send your resume to Adriann Lai ( or call 410-929-1364 for more information.
  • Verbal Beginnings: A local company that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services to children ages 2–18. They are currently seeking students who are interested in learning about ABA and will provide training to new hires with no ABA experience. For more information, email Nicole Dunkle ( To apply, submit an application through this link

Additional Resources

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I have more questions!

Great! You should contact the Career Services Center (CSC).  We can be reached at:

You can also learn more about our programs and services at Careers-UMBC

In addition to internships, the CSC provides:

  • Career Advising
  • Graduate School Planning
  • Coordination of Information Sessions, Corporate Visibility Days, and Career Fairs (with local and national employers)
  • Full-Time Job Search Assistance
  • Much, much more

image related to career services on the internships page
Above: Stephanie-Jane Okpara at the ARC of Prince  George’s County

“This internship allowed me to see the mental health care system in different ways. Not only did I do hands on work but I helped with administration and some research.”Stephanie-Jane Okpara, ARC of Prince George’s County “I have gained connections to a wonderful group of people that could not be found anywhere else. Sheppard Pratt has also been ranked one of the best mental health programs in the nation, giving me the opportunity to see some of the best at work.”

Robert Curland, Sheppard Pratt Health System

“I would tell other students not to give up when searching for an internship. I had almost given up finding an internship for this summer when I found this. Also, always research the company you’re applying to and have a question for the interviewer at the end of the interview.”

Casey Rezac, Kentlands Psychotherapy