Dept Policies and Guidelines

Psychology Department Mission

Psyc Dept Mission – 2023

Department By-Laws

By-laws – PSYC(2023 rev.)

Contract Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure

Adjunct Policies

Adjunct Yearly Review Policy


Mentoring Plan for Junior Faculty – April 2023 

New Faculty Handbook – PSYC (2023-2024)

Graduate Faculty Guidelines – UMGSB

Department Resources 23-24

Information on Faculty Mentoring

Information to be Conveyed at an Initial Meeting

CAHSS New Faculty Onboarding Checklist 

Resources for New Faculty

Workload Policy – PSYC (Spring 2016)


Merit Policy with Instructions

Psychology Merit Form for CY 2021

Promotion and Tenure

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty – Promotion and Tenure – April 2023 

UMBC Faculty Handbook P&T Guidelines

Full-Time Senior & Principal Lecturers – April 2023 

Full-Time Lecturers – 2024 

Contract Renewal for Full-Time Faculty other than TT and Lecturer – April 2023 

Psychology P&T Resource Pack – All P&T Docs – May 2019

P&T, Contract Renewal, and Promotion – Full-time Faculty Classroom Observation Procedures and Rubrics

P&T, Contract Renewal, and Promotion – PSYC Teaching Portfolios Overview

P&T, Contract Renewal, and Promotion – Teaching Portfolio Review Rubric – March 2019

Post Tenure Review – Sample Report

Post Tenure Review – Psychology Post-tenure Review Policy

Post Tenure Review – UMBC Policy on Annual and Post-Tenure Review 2015

Grad Student

Contract Addendum 2023-2024

Funding (EXPIRED) – 12 credit Memo 2018

Funding – 2022-2023 Funding Dates and Amounts

Funding – 2022-2023 Grad Student Funding – Apr 2022

Funding – Clinical Travel support increase 2021

Funding – Conference Travel Award 2022

Funding – GA Fees Memo-2019

Funding – Guidelines for 5-year GA funding

TA Residency Guidelines – 2020

Unfunded Research Hours Policy – April 2020 Final


Recruitment Meal Reimbursement Guidelines

Link to Search Documents referenced in Standards doc

Procedures for Faculty Searches Approved 4-18-11

Standard Faculty Search Guidelines (2022)


Undergraduate Course Scheduling Guidelines – PSYC

Required Elements of 400-level courses_LR AB2

Syllabi Elements and Required Statements 2023

UMBC Policy III.6.10.01 Credit Hour Policy

UMBC Records

Policy on Records Management – Interim

Record retention policy


UMBC Travel Website

Technology Resources:

The department has the following Electronic Resources (cords, adapters, portable speakerphone etc.) available for short term loan on campus:
  • USB-C – GB Ethernet
  • AC Adapter
  • Gaming Power Supply Unit
  • Speakerphone
  • Lightning – USB Cable
  • Mini Display Port – HDMI Adapter
  • Rechargeable Portable Wireless Amplifier and Microphone (likely not charged when you pick it up)
  • USB Type-C to HDMI Female Video Adapter
  • Dell Laptop Computer (requires a UMBC Dell login credential to use)
  • DVD Player
To sign something out, please stop by Kerrie Jenkins’ office (MP 310) with your Campus ID card* (to be left as “security”).
If Kerrie is not in the office, please see Trevor Pitts or Elaine O’Heir for assistance. They know where the equipment, sign-out sheet and ID cards are stored.