Dept Policies and Guidelines

By-laws – PSYC(2021 rev.)

Contract Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure

Lecturer Contract Renewal

Clinical; Research; Prof of Practice Contract Renewal

Tenure Track Third Year Renewal

Promotion and Tenure (Sr. Lect; Principal Lect; Associate; Full)

P&T Policy – PSYC (5-2019)

Promotion Resource Pack – PSYC (5-2019)

Teaching Review Rubric – PSYC (5-2019)

Sr. Lect and Principal Lecturer Promotion Policies


Adjunct Promotion Policy

Adjunct Review Policy

Adjunct Information Sheet

Graduate Faculty Guidelines – UMGSB

Undergraduate Course Scheduling Guidelines – PSYC

Workload Policy – PSYC (Spring 2016)

Mentoring Plan – PSYC(2-2008)

Mentoring Resources

Title IX Statement – PSYC (2019)

OEI Statements

Faculty Search Guidelines – PSYC

Syllabi Elements – PSYC (2021-2022)

WI Course Elements – PSYC(2017)

New Faculty Handbook – PSYC (2021)