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HSP Faculty

Below is a listing of all faculty affiliated with Human Services Psychology (HSP) program and the track(s) they are specifically affiliated with.

Note:  Any HSP Faculty member may serve as mentor to any doctoral student regardless of track.  For example, a student in the Clinical track may be mentored by a faculty member not directly affiliated with the Clinical track.

 Faculty Behavioral


Clinical Community Accepting Students 2021 Applied Behavior Analysis
Danielle Beatty Moody, Ph.D. X X No
Shawn Bediako, Ph.D. X X No
John Borrero, Ph.D. N/A X
Anne E. Brodsky, Ph.D X X Yes
Mirela Cengher, Ph.D.   Yes X
Lynnda Dahlquist, Ph.D. X X No
 Erika Fountain, Ph.D.  X Yes
Molly Franz, Ph.D. X Yes
Bronwyn Hunter, Ph.D. X X Yes
 Tasneem Khambaty, Ph.D. X X Yes
 Kenneth Maton, Ph.D.  X X No
 Christopher Murphy, Ph.D. X Yes
 Nkiru Nnawulezi, Ph.D.  X Yes
 Steven Pitts, Ph.D.   No
 Raimi Quiton, Ph.D.  X Yes
Adithyan Rajaraman, Ph.D.   Yes X
 Rebecca Schacht, Ph.D. X Yes
Jason Schiffman, Ph.D.  X No
 Shari Waldstein, Ph.D. X X Yes
Lira Yoon, Ph.D. X Yes