For when your network printer has either been “forgotten” by your computer and it can’t be found or for anyone returning to campus after a long period of time.

***In order to be able to connect/use/see any networked printers for your department, you will have to be connected EDUROAM wifi or be plugged into the network directly via Ethernet Cable***

**If you are not connected to the network via Ethernet Cable, please connect to the Eduroam wifi: If you need help connecting please use <this article>**

*If you are on a MAC and trying to connect to Eduroam. When you click on it to connect. When it asks for your Username and Password: Please use your FULL UMBC EMAIL ADDRESS as your username and the same password you use to login to myUMBC to connect*

Once you are on the network. Please see the below steps for both PC/Windows and Mac.

To Add a Network Printer to your PC/Windows computer (this works for both Windows 7 and Windows 10):

1.    Start > Settings > Devices > Add a printer or a scanner

2.    Click “the printer I want isn’t listed”

3.    Select “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname”

4.    Click Next

5.    Device type should be set to Autodetect

6.    Type in the IP address of the printer (the below information is for the larger printer at the end of the hallway)

7.    The Port name will be configured automatically when you type in the IP address

8.    Click Next

9.    The computer will search for the printer, download the correct drive, and have the printer name listed on the next screen

10.    Click Next

11.    Select “Do not share this printer”

12.    Click Next

13.    You may want to print a test page from your computer just to make sure that it is configured properly

14.    Click Finish

To Add a Network Printer to your Mac:

1.    Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners

2.    Click the “+” at the bottom of the left-hand side menu

3.    Click “Add Printer or scanner”

4.    Select “IP” at the top

5.    Type in the IP address in the “Address” bar

6.    The computer will automatically search for this printer and download the necessary driver

7.    Click Add