Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

Counseling Center Individual and Group Services
Counseling Center Groups and Workshops
•           Health Promotion Programs
•           Campus wide programs run by the Health Promotion staff and
trained Peer Health Educators that provide a wide variety of topics.


Online Platforms
•           WellTrack A suite of online tools and courses that uses aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy to help students identify, understand and address
mental health and well-being.
•           Health 101 Self-Care Guide A quick reference for common health questions and emergencies facing students today.
•           Interactive Screening Program An anonymous online self-check questionnaire that enables a provider to contact you and provide feedback based on
your responses.

*          Kognito Free online simulated conversation programs to practice having difficult conversations with others that can lead to positive changes in
social, emotional, and physical health.
•           U Lifeline A secure and confidential self-assessment that screens for 13 of the most common mental health conditions that college students face,
and includes resources on helping others.
•           Make the Connection A variety of self-assessment tools for veterans and service members.
•           Togetherall A free, 24/7 online peer-to-peer support community and self-guided assessments and resources on mental health and wellness.


After-Hours Support Line
•           Our After-Hours Support Line, 410-455-3230 is available to support students experiencing a mental health crisis, health issues, sexual assault or relationship violence.


For Faculty and Staff

Helping Students in Distress: A Faculty/Staff Guide