Funding Information / Opportunities


Admissions Addendum for 2022-2023 supported students (This will not go into effect until the 2022-2023 academic year)

This document explains the Psychology departments position on GA funding.

  • We offer five years of GA funding (e.g. TA, RA, or other) to new HSP and ADP Ph.D. students who remain in Good Standing and who make (or whose advisor makes on their behalf) a documented credible effort to obtain external funding (e.g. grants, fellowships, outside GA position) for at least two of those years.
  • We cover tuition for a total of 84 credits for the entire five-year period students are in the program. (This is several credits higher then what courses are required in any of our program and track combinations)
  • The Department will cover student fees for a total of up to $8,000 for domestic students and $9,000 for international students. (The fee support covers the same number of tuition credits for domestic and international students. The difference is due to the additional student fees that international students are charged each semester)
  • The Department will also cover the cost of each students health insurance during the 5 years that students are in the program. (Students have the option to add a spouse and/or children the the insurance plan but the students will then need to cover those additional costs)

GA Stipend Funding Document for 2023-2024

  • This document explains when paychecks will start and end for the contract year, how many pay periods there are based on the length of your contract, the total stipend amount you will be paid, and how much that will be biweekly.

Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Information from the Grad School

  • We use Aetna as our health insurance carrier for graduate students

Request Ticket (RT) for requesting departmental payment of Graduate Student Fees

  • Please use this link to have your registration fees paid by the department. Further information about who qualifies for fee payment and what documentation is needed is included in the form.

Graduate Student Description of Job Duties

  • Teaching Assistant (TA), Teaching Assistant / Research Assistant (TA/RA), Research Assistant (RA), and Teaching Fellow (TF) job descriptions.

Examples on how to Budget as a Graduate Student

  • This page assists graduate students in creating a budget using UMBC’s Cost of Attendance, sample monthly expenses, and how to locate additional financial resources on campus.


Additional Opportunities from the Psychology Department:

  • $300 total – Research Support – see the application – one time use only throughout entire graduate career.
  • $500 per year –  Conference Presentation Support
    • To present a first authored professional conference paper or presentation – limit 2 conferences per year.  More information is available here.  To apply, send an email to Kerrie Jenkins at and ask for a Docusign application to be initiated on your behalf.
  • $750 total – Internship Expense Support – for clinical students only.
    • This is meant to offset the travel cost associated with traveling to your internship interviews.