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Psychology Department Diversity Highlights

The Psychology Department is committed to improving our departmental composition, climate, and curriculum with regard to diverse faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The promotion of an inclusive climate that supports the recruitment, retention, and personal and professional development of a diverse faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate student bodies is a crucially important long-term goal of the Psychology Department and is in line with the UMBC Diversity Plan.

Department Diversity Highlights

  • Climate surveys – Performed an assessment of the climate of the Department to assess our areas of strength and relative concerns.
  • Consultant – Hired an expert consultant to facilitate our pursuits of being a maximally inclusive and aware Department
  • Two faculty retreats focusing on diversity – Held two consecutive Departmental retreats focused on different issues related to diversity, inclusivity, and awareness.
  • Web based discussion platforms – Created two web-based interfaces to share materials and post discussions.
  • Diversity Statement on syllabi – All Psychology courses now contain a statement about the importance of diversity in the classroom.
  • Orientation enhancement – Created two different trainings focusing on diversity for all incoming and 2nd year graduate students.
  • Town hall meeting – Hosted a large inclusive meeting where community members could share their perceptions of the climate of our Department
  • Diversity concentration – Created an undergraduate diversity concentration.
  • Faculty trainings – Hosted trainings for faculty to increase awareness as well as competency in areas related to diversity.
  • Curriculum support & enhancement: Gathered and organized online teaching resources to support faculty in increasing the emphasis on diversity and inclusion across our curriculum.
  • Hiring – Recruited recent hires who address issues related to culture and diversity in both research and teaching pursuits.
  • Speaker/Training Series – Created an annual speaker series.