Students majoring in Psychology (either B.A. or B.S. degree) may choose to complete a specialty, which provides depth and breadth of knowledge in a particular area of Psychology. These specialized curricula are designed to prepare students interested in bachelor-level careers with skills that can enhance their occupational opportunities and to provide training for advanced studies in these and allied areas.

Specialties are offered in Developmental Psychology; Human Services Psychology; Biopsychology; Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Psychology. Specialty coursework can be used to partially fulfill major requirements (some Domain and upper-level requirements); however, students must ensure that they take additional coursework (e.g. Psyc 211 and 311) to satisfy all requirements for the major. Completion of a Specialty is recognized with a certificate from the Department, but does not show on a student’s transcript. In exceptional circumstances, some flexibility in fulfilling requirements may be permitted.

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