Diversity,Inclusion and Social Justice Committee


The Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Committee (formerly the Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee) was created in 1990 by the Psychology Department to address issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice, especially as they relate to department graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and staff in the areas of curriculum, recruitment, and retention.

Current Members

Faculty Members: Elissa Abod, Danielle Beatty, Erika Fountain, Kenneth Maton, Lira Yoon, Mirela Cengher, Molly Franz, Dave Schultz

Graduate Students: Anika Aquino, Ishita Arora, Jason Ashe, Merve Balkaya, Christa Lewis, Taylor Darden, Elaina McWilliams, Nicole Telfer, Jabarey Wells

Chair:  Nkiru Nnawulezi

Accomplishments Related to Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Regular assessments of the climate of the department to examine our areas of strength and relative concerns.
  • Annual speaker series for diversity education and annual training opportunities for faculty and graduate students.
  • Large inclusive meeting where departmental community members share perceptions of the climate of our department and collaboratively brainstorm solutions.
  • Regular ongoing inclusion consultation with Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA)