Open House Q&A Sessions for Prospective Students

The Psychology Department at UMBC is excited to introduce a series of virtual Open Houses for prospective students to meet with our Graduate Program Coordinators to talk about our programs. The meetings will be conducted via WebEx.
The Open Houses are meant to be both informal and informational. Starting with introductions, then talking about the specifics of each of our graduate programs, the admission process, discussing special topics relevant to students this year, and our funding plans. I promise that there will still be plenty of time for questions!  We will also be inviting a few a few faculty members and current graduate students to join to answer any additional questions you may have. Though who is able to join us will change with each meeting. (We are not able to guarantee any particular faculty will be at any meeting.) 

Open Houses from April through October are intended for those students interested in more information. The November sessions will focus more specifically on the application process and admissions timeline. And the December Open House will be specific to those student who have applied and want to talk about the next steps and Visit Week.


The schedule for the 2022 Open Houses are below:

April 12th from 6-7pm EST

June 14th from 6-7pm EST

August 9th from 6-7pm EST

September 13th from 6-7pm EST

October 11th from 6-7pm EST

November 8th from 6-7pm EST

November 22nd from 6-7pm EST (this is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This session is intended for last minute questions from those who plan to submit their applications by December 1)

December 6th from 6-7pm EST (this is the FIRST Tuesday and is is intended for those who have SUBMITTED their application)

*No meetings in January, February, March, May or July

If you would like to attend one of our Open Houses, please email Kerrie Jenkins at or Kimberly Boeve at and we will be happy to send you the WebEx invitation and link. If you are unable to attend one of the Open Houses, but are still interested in the information, then please email us anyway and we can either answer your questions via email or one of the Graduate Program Coordinators can arrange to meet with you at a different time. We look forward to speaking with you and sharing what are department is doing!