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ABA Sample Curriculum

Applied Behavior Analysis Track—Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

Fall First Year
PSYC 605: Learning and Cognition
PSYC 615: Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis: Design of Interventions
PSYC 693: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis I

Spring First Year
PSYC 616: Measurement in Applied Behavior Analysis: Observation and Assessment
PSYC 663: Ethics for Applied Behavior Analysts
PSYC 694: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis II

Fall Second Year
PSYC 601: Behavior Analysis in the Schools
PSYC 662: Verbal Behavior
PSYC 793: Capstone Sequence I

Spring Second Year
PSYC 617: Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities
PSYC 655: Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 794: Capstone Sequence II