ABA Faculty

ABA Faculty Offering Coursework, Supervision, and Mentorship

John C. Borrero, Ph.D.

Mirela Cengher, Ph.D.

Matt Novak, Ph.D.

Carrie S. W. Borrero, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty Member

Adjunct faculty provide leadership at a variety of practicum sites and offer on-site supervision.

Adjunct Faculty

Carrie S. W. Borrero, Ph.D.

Lynn Bowman, M. A.

Michael F. Cataldo, Ph.D.

Louis P. Hagopian, Ph.D.

Patricia F. Kurtz, Ph.D.

Practicum liaisons are the primary points of contact for three of our practicum sites. Potential applicants interested in employment at one of our approved practicum sites should contact Dr. John Borrero.

Practicum Liaisons

Christine Accardo, Ph.D., The Shafer Center

Carrie S. W. Borrero, Ph.D., Kennedy Krieger, Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program

Michelle A. Frank-Crawford, Ph.D., Kennedy Krieger, Neurobehavioral Unit


A. Charles Catania, Ph.D.