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Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

Adjunct II Instructional Faculty

Adjunct II instructional faculty members have taught for the department for a number of years and have been promoted on the basis of exemplary teaching performance.

Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner

Dr. Sung Woo Kahng

Dr. Peter S. Resta

Dr. Edward Rudow

Adjunct I Instructional Faculty


Dr. Nicole Hausman

Dr. Angela Katenkamp

Dr. Donald Knight

Dr. Mariano Sto.Domingo

Dr. Steven Synowski

Dr. William Gleiberman-Kowalcyzk

 Other Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty (Research and Clinical)

The following individuals hold appointments within the Psychology department based on research collaborations, research supervision and/or clinical training sites.


Alan Bellack, Professor Gloria Reeves, Assistant Professor
Maureen Black, Professor Peter Resta, Assistant Professor
Carrie Borrero, Assistant Professor Laura Rowland, Associate Professor
Michael Cataldo, Professor Cindy Schaeffer, Assistant Professor
David Chavis, Professor Geoffrey Schoenbaum, Professor
Iser DeLeon, Associate Professor Keith Slifer, Associate Professor
Lous Hagopian, Associate Professor John J. Sollers, III, Assistant Professor
Brenda Hussey-Gardner, Assistant Professor Sharon Stephan, Associate Professor
Lisa Jordan, Assistant Professor Mariano Sto. Domingo, Assistant Professor
Sung Woo Kahng, Associate Professor Vicki J. Tepper, Associate Professor
Leslie Katzel, Associate Professor Alan Zonderman, Professor
Patricia Kurtz, Assistant Professor Cheryl Zwart, Assistant Professor