Floating TA’s

Floating TAs provide ad hoc assistance such as grading (short answer or brief responses), proctoring, entering grades on Blackboard etc.  All Instructors may request Floating TA help, but

·       priority will be given to requests from those who do not have a TA specifically assigned to their course or when your TA is unable to assist you due to class conflict times.

·       priority will also be given to early requests. Please try to request Floating TA help at the beginning of the semester for proctoring and small grading assignments.  

Shirley Zhao and Alexa Martino are the  Floating TAs. All requests for assistance should go directly to Shirley and Alexa.  They will  coordinate coverage of tasks and communicate with the Instructors.

Please submit your requests for Floating TA assistance to Shirley at x7@umbc.edu 

Include the following information

·  Course name/number

·  Date/time/location of class meeting (for proctoring or other task)

·  Brief summary of task (e.g. grading (include rubric if relevant), entering grades, assembling instructional materials)

·  Length of time (estimated number of hours) needed for the task

·  Date by which the task must be completed

You should receive a response from one of the float TAs within 48 hours in most cases, with the name/contact details of the Floating TA who has been assigned to assist.   If more time than initially estimated is required for task completion (e.g. grading), the assigned Floating TA will contact you directly to discuss. 


Unfortunately, it may not be possible to meet all requests due to grad student schedules.

·       Floating TAs cannot teach a class with 24 hours notice. They need more time to prepare for the class.

·       There might be changes in TA availability during the semester due to unforeseen changes (illness, personal issues, etc.)

·       Scheduling grading assistance and exam proctoring at the beginning of the semester allows for planned time for your course needs.

The Psychology Main Office has a “Floating TA” mailbox which can be used to drop off/pick up course materials.

Please contact Eileen O’Brien, TA Coordinator (eobrien@umbc.edu) if you have any questions or concerns regarding Floating TA help.