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Track Requirements

Students will complete coursework in the basic (learning and cognition) and applied analysis of behavior, behavioral treatment design and data evaluation, and practicum placement for hands-on experience with relevant behavioral procedures. In place of a master’s thesis, students will complete a full behavioral intervention using the skills acquired in the program.

ABA faculty and students work together to secure placement at training sites for practica and interventions. Students have historically worked on sites delivering behavioral services to children with developmental disabilities and in special education. Many of our students have worked at KKI.


PSYC 605      Learning and Cognition       3

PSYC 615      Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis   3

PSYC 693      Practicum I Applied Behavior Analysis Intervention 3

PSYC 616      Measurement in Applied Behavior Analysis  3

PSYC 663       Special Topics: Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis  3

PSYC 694      Practicum II Applied Behavior Analysis Intervention   3

PSYC 601      Special Topics: Behavior Analysis in the Schools  3

PSYC 601      Special Topics: Verbal Behavior   3

PSYC 793      Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis I  3

PSYC 655      Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis  3

PSYC 617     Developmental Disabilities 3

PSYC 794     Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis II  3

The practicum gives students hands-on experience with applied behavior analysis evaluation and intervention. The intervention sequence serves as a capstone course in which students are expected to carry through and write up a full treatment program from incoming evaluation trough development of treatment protocols and intervention to evaluation of outcome. This course serves in place of what might otherwise be a thesis; successful applications will typically depend on known procedures rather than on treatment innovations, so this course provides critical preparation for subsequent applied work. Students interested in completing an intervention project that is based on original research in applied behavior analysis, and is therefore functionally similar to a master’s thesis, should contact the track directors for additional information.