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Policy and Process for Getting on Campus During Covid 19

Campus Access Requests Process during COVID 19


If you have a one-time emergency need to visit campus, please first email the department chair, Dr. Anne Brodsky and include the following information in your email:


  • Building(s) and rooms you need to access
  • Date of requested visit
  • Time of requested visit
  • Length of time you will be on campus
  • Do you have a key to the rooms and outside building you need to access

Anne will forward your request on to the appropriate office and they will schedule your visit time and date. If you do not have keys to gain access to the building/office that you need to visit, please call UMBC Police Deputy Chief Bruce Perry at (443) 677-2195 or Lieutenant Derrick Johns at (410) 207-0850 to let them know when you will be coming. If you are on campus and cannot access the building, please call the UMBC Police Departments general line at (410) 455-5555.