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RT Graduate Student Fees

For any graduate student fees that the department is paying for, please click on the link below. You will need to take a screenshot of your student account (make sure that the individual fees and their amounts can be seen!) and attach it to the RT ticket. Please be aware that we do NOT pay for late fees. If you have any questions please email Stephanie Totsch at or Amy Schneider at


If you are a Psychology Graduate Student, then please check your
student account and fill in the below fee amounts for this award. You
will ALSO need to screenshot your student account, and attach
it to this form, so that we can confirm the fee amounts.
Please email Amy Schneider at if you have any questions.


Requestor Information:


Fees Amounts
*International Student Fee: $
*Matriculation Fee: (Only for first year students) $
*Athletic Fee: $
*Program Fee: $
*Technology Fee: $
*Transportation Fee: $
*University Commons Fee: $
*Additional Fees: $
Total Fees: $


*Screenshot of your Student Account:

Warning: Sending documents with highly sensitive information, ie. social security numbers, is not recommended.


**Link if the above does not work**