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Allison Piper

Applied Behavior Analysis, Second Year

I am a graduate student in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) masters track at UMBC. I became interested in ABA during my undergraduate career at West Virginia University when I spent a semester interning for a program that provides ABA services in a special education setting for children who engage in problem behavior. I currently work at The Shafer Center as an ABA therapist. At the Shafer Center, we provide services to children for skill acquisition and the reduction of problem behavior that inhibits their education. In addition to school-based services, I have also gained experience delivering services in the home. Through this position, I get to take skills learned in the classroom and apply them with a variety of clients. I receive weekly supervision from program supervisors, which allows me to meet certification requirements and develop important analytical, programming, and training skills. My graduate coursework has given me a strong foundation of technical knowledge, research procedures, and critical thinking skills. This combined with my applied experience gives me confidence in my ability to deliver high-quality services as a future behavior analyst.