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Mary Ann Metzger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emerita


B.A.             1960      University of Connecticut            Mathematics

M.A.            1968      University of Connecticut             Psychology

Ph.D.           1970      University of Connecticut             Psychology

Post-doc     1971-2   Rockefeller University                  Mathematical Psychology

Contact :

Prof. Mary Ann Metzger

Department of Psychology

University of Maryland UMBC

1000 Hilltop Circle

Baltimore, MD 21050


Telephone: 410-455-2567

Experience in Higher Education  

1971-1972      Postdoctoral work in Mathematical Psychology

1973 – 1999    She was a member of the Psychology Department faculty at UMBC

Current            Associate Professor Emerita.

Research Interests:

Dr.Metzger’s specialty is the application of systems dynamics to understanding psychological processes, including intellectual development, developmental disorders, and patterns of judgment under uncertainty. She taught courses in data analysis, psychology of judgment, and nonlinear dynamics in psychology, she has supervised research for advanced degrees for Ph.D. students.

Research Grants:

Dr. Metzger’s research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and from the Fulbright Foundation.

She was a member of the Editorial Board for the Nonlinear Dynamics in Psychology and Life Sciences (vols. 1997-2000).

She was secretary of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences (1998-2005).

She has also been active in other professional associations and has participated in their development of electronic media .

Selected publications:

Mary Ann Metzger. (1993) A step in the right direction. A review of W. Thomas Miller, III, Richard S. Sutton, & Paul J. Werbos (Eds.) Neural Networks for Control. MIT Press,Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 37, 477-485.

Terje Sagvolden, Mary Ann Metzger, & Geir Sagvolden. (1993) Frequent reward eliminates differences in activity between hyperkinetic rats and controls. Behavioral and Neural Biology, 59, 225-229.

Mary Ann Metzger & Michael F. Theisz. (1994) Forecast: Program to obtain forecasts from subjects for successive values of chaotic time-series. Behavior Research Methods,Instrumentation, and Computers, 26, 387-394.

Mary Ann Metzger & Terje Sagvolden. (1994) Killeen’s theory provides an answer … and a question . Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 17, 144-145.

Mary Ann Metzger. (1994) Have subjects been shown to generate chaotic numbers? (A commentary on an article by A. Neuringer & K. Voss) Psychological Science, 5, 111-114.

Mary Ann Metzger. (1994) Multiprocess models of cognitive and behavioral dynamics. In R. Post & T. van Gelder (Eds.) Mind as Motion: Dynamics, Behavior, and Cognition, MIT Press, 491-526.

Beverly A. Bush & Mary Ann Metzger. (1995) A confirmatory factor analytic study of the CES-D in a stroke population. Under review for publication in Psychological Assessment.

Mary Ann Metzger. (1996) Applications of nonlinear dynamical systems theory in developmental psychology: Motor and cognitive development. Nonlinear dynamics,Psychology, and Life Science, Vol. 1 no. 1, 55-68.

Mary Ann Metzger. Consciousness by degrees. The Noetic Journal, Vol. 1 no. 2. 162-167.