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Shawn Bediako, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Contact Information:


Office:       Math/Psychology 306

Phone:      410.455.2349

Fax:           410.455.1055

Lab:           Sondheim 412

Phone:      410.455.1359


Ph.D. – Stony Brook University, 2002

Area of Study:

Behavioral Medicine/Community Psychology

Research Interests:

 Our research is broadly concerned with health-related implications of stigma.  Current projects use intensive longitudinal methods (e.g., daily diaries) to track interpersonal, intrapersonal, and environmental factors that cause fluctuations in stigma. We also explore sociocultural aspects of variability in stigma by emphasizing the roles of racial identity, spirituality, and communalism.

Courses Taught:

Social Psychology (PSYC 340)

History and Systems of Psychology (PSYC 405)

Social/Health Psychology (PSYC 441)

Graduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Accepting new HSP graduate students for Fall 2019

Students with particular interests in community health promotion, applied psychology in health settings, and racial/ethnic approaches to health behaviors are especially encouraged to apply. My goal in working with graduate students is to prepare them for jobs in academic or applied research settings. I hold individual meetings with graduate students on a biweekly basis or as needed. Graduate students are encouraged to become involved in ongoing projects and to take advantage of publication opportunities from existing data sets. Students are also encouraged to initiate independent studies in addition to thesis and dissertation requirements. Students working with me will receive training in grant writing and will be encouraged to apply for external fellowships from the NIH, APA, Ford Foundation, and other relevant sources by the end of their second year. My intent is to prepare graduate students to be competitive for academic jobs, to have a strong record of published scholarship, and to demonstrate the requisite skills of a successful and productive scholar.

Undergraduate Research and Training Opportunities:

YES: Undergraduate opportunities available

Interested students should contact Dr. Bediako directly via email.



Graduate Program Affiliation(s):

Human Services Psychology

Leadership roles in the Department/College/University:

Director, Community Psychology program


Selected Publications:

Haywood Jr., C., Lanzkron S., Bediako, S., Strouse, J., Haythornthwaite, J., Carroll, C. P., Diener-West, M., Onojobi, G., Beach, M. C., for the IMPORT Investigators (in press). Perceived discrimination, patient trust, and adherence to medical recommendations among persons with sickle cell disease. Journal of General Internal Medicine.


Bediako, S., Lanzkron, S., Diener-West, M. Onojobi, G., Beach, M. C., and Haywood Jr., C. for the IMPORT Investigators (in press). The measure of sickle cell stigma (MoSCS): Initial findings from the IMPORT study. Journal of Health Psychology.


Bediako, S. M., & Moffitt, K. R. (2011).  Race and social attitudes about sickle cell disease. Ethnicity & Health, 16, 423-429.


Bediako, S. M., & Neblett, E. W. (2011). Optimism and perceived stress in sickle cell disease:  The role of an Afrocultural social ethos.Journal of Black Psychology, 37, 234-253.